Monday, 17 October 2016

Nifty Open in monday

                         Once again, the market on monday open in nifty

OM Capital research head Rajesh Agarwal (Rajesh Agarwal) Monday Akdini businesses Jindal Saw (Jindal Saw), L & T Finance (L & T Finance), Petronet LNG (Petronet LNG), Ramco Industries (Ramco Industries) and ICICI Bank ( ICICI Bank) advised buying the shares.

Rajesh Agarwal, Jindal Saw (65.70) to recommend a buy with a target of Rs 70.00 and cutting the deficit in the transaction level (stop) is asked to Rs 63.00. L & T Finance (99.30), he advised that the Buy with a target of Rs 105.00. The purchase deal cutting the deficit level will be Rs 96.00. Petronet LNG (400.65) for the purchase with a target of Rs 412.00 and a stated level of cutting the deficit of Rs 393.00.Rajesh Agarwal, Ramco Industries (216.90) with the purchase price for the said target of Rs 230.00, while cutting the deficit levels of the deal is estimated at 209.00. He ICICI Bank (241.75) and has recommended buy with a target of Rs 246.00 and Rs 239.00 on cutting the deficit levels are advised to keep.

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