Saturday, 31 December 2016

ATM will be extracted from the Rs 4,500

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to withdraw cash from ATMs in the range of Rs 2,500 to Rs 4,500, has increased.

This new directive Arbiai January 2017 will come into play. Although the central bank has made it clear that the bank account weekly withdrawal limit of Rs 24,000 will stay intact. With Notbandi on November 8 deadline to withdraw money from banks as well as ATM same rule was applied.

Earlier, on November 20, the central bank to withdraw money from ATMs from Rs 2,000 to Rs 2,500 was raised. But even then it is only by customers of their bank was only possible to withdraw money from ATMs, to withdraw money from an ATM of another bank while it was Rs 2,000. New bank notes of Rs 500 denomination's focus now is on increasing the supply of cash to be over as quickly as possible.

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US markets fell last trading day of the year

On Friday, the last trading day of 2016. The decline in the US market.


Apple and other giants of the tech sector for the third consecutive day of decline in US markets closed in the red. But the gains in 2016 were significantly. In 2016, 13.4% of the strength came in the Dow Jones.

On Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow Jones Industrial Average) 57.18 points (0.29%) and closed at 19762.60 with osteoporosis. Also NASDAQ Composite (Nasdaq Composite) at 48.97 points (0.90%) showed weakness and closed at 5383.12. S & P 500 (S & P500) 10.43 points (0.46%) and closed at 2238.83 with a loss. 560 million shares traded in the US market yesterday, in the last 20 trading days, the figure stood at 680 million shares.

Yesterday US crude oil prices declined marginally by 0.09% and closed at $ 53.72 Crude Dblutiai. Also Brent crude also saw a slight decline of 0.02% and closed at 56.13 dollars a barrel. The European markets closed higher.

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Shriram Transport received the approval of the allocation committee

Shriram Transport Committee met today's allocation.

At this meeting, the committee on private placement basis of the original price of Rs 10 lakh to Rs 75, 750 unsecured, redeemable, rated, subordinate, approved the allocation of non-convertible debentures.

The shares closed on Wednesday at Rs 813.50 on the BSE, Shriram Transport and opened at Rs 815.00 with marginal gains today. During trading it rose as high as Rs 836.90 and Rs 815.00 fell to its lowest levels. Or Rs 21.50 at the end of trading, the stock closed at Rs 835.00 with a gain of 2.64%.

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BHEL thermal power plant started

BHEL thermal power plant has started successfully.


The company Telangana 600 MW coal-based thermal power plant has started another. At the beginning of this unit in Adilabad district of Telangana Singareni 600 MW Thermal Power Project (TPP) were identified.

BHEL scrip closed at Rs 119.30 on the BSE on Wednesday, the day flat at this level and open up to a higher level of Rs 120.35. On the other hand, is the lowest level of Rs 118.65. The stock in the quarter to close at Rs 0.15, or 0.13% at 3 119.45 with a marginal gain of Rs deals are.

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JK Tyre major decision taken by the Board of Directors

Wednesday JK Tyre Board of Directors met.

The Board of Directors at the meeting Rs 1,000 crore by issuing debentures and other securities arms. Was it in one or more installments Jutayegi company.

JK Tyre Rs 111.75 on the BSE, the shares Wednesday closed at Rs 114.40 with a gain level than today's open. The company's stock of nearly Rs 1.10 or 0.98% at quarter to 12 at Rs 112.85 with a gain of deals are being done.

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Sell Bank of India, and Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Buy

Securities futures trade today on M & M Financial shares in the daily report and the Bank's shares is advised.

Today reported Thursday its derivatives broking firm Mahindra & Mahindra Financial (262) is advised to buy between Rs 257-259. The goal in this transaction is estimated at 270. The deal to cut deficit levels (stop loss) of Rs 252 has been reported. In addition,  

 Securities Bank (104.20) to sell between Rs 105.50 to 106.50 is advised in this transaction and has been advised to keep a target of Rs 101. The level of deficit-cutting deal at Rs 108.50.

Keep in mind that this advice is for December futures business.
Explanation: In the interest of equity broking firm or its clients may be connected.

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Scrip Tata Steel, TVS Motor, JK Tyres, IRB Infrastructure and Cadila Healthcare

Shares will be in sight because of reports Tata Steel, TVS Motor, JK Tyres, IRB Infrastructure and include Cadila Healthcare.

 Phoenix Mills - additional 8.72% stake in the company has achieved Island Star Developers.

Pretty cheap - to consider the merger of several subsidiaries of the Company's Board of Directors will be meeting on January 4.

JMC Projects - the company has received orders worth Rs 1,457 crore.

Pratibha Industries - issue of shares to creditors to consider the issue of board meeting will be on January 4.

JK Tyre - the company approved raising up to Rs 1,000 crore.

Vindhya Telelink - debentures in January to raise Rs 150 crore by the Board of Directors meeting.

IRB Infra - 1,530 crore, the company has received a contract from NHAI.

TVS Motor - the company got the patent for hybrid transmission systems.

Tata Steel - Odisha SEG project is looking for foreign investment.

 Cadila Healthcare - Zydus has acquired the MSD 6 products.

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