Friday, 21 October 2016

HCL Technologies (HCL Technologies) 15.85% increase in profits, the stock rose

 In early trading, shares of BSE, HCL Technologies is accelerating.

 The company's profit in the second quarter of the 2016-17 fiscal year profit rose 15.85% to Rs 2,015 crore has been. 1739.76 crore last year was. However, quarter on quarter, the company's profit has declined by 1.9%. On annual basis, the total income of the company during the July-September quarter from Rs 10343.21 11736.18 crore has increased to 13.46%.

 Compared to last quarter, total revenue of the company increased by 1.6%. Ebit of 0.7% quarter on quarter, the company has come down to Rs 2,318. Ebit margin of 20.6%, down from 20.1% qoq is delusional. BSE, HCL Technologies stock today opened higher at Rs 826. Around 10:07 am, 22:25 am, shares of the company worth Rs 836.80 with a gain of 2.64% or running.

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