Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Nifty, CEAT and Lupin Sell, Buy HPCL:

 Nifty October futures series (Nifty), CEAT selling and Lupin , HPCL  is advised to buy

Broking firm, in its report on Tuesday, the Nifty October futures is advised to sell between Rs 8740-8750. The goal is to keep the advice in this transaction 8710.00. Cutting the deficit level (Stop Loss) 8765.00 explained.

CEAT between October Futures L282k00-l285k00rupye to Sell. The goal would be Rs 1261.00 and Rs 1,295 to keep the level of cutting the deficit in the deal.
Between October Futures L526k00-l530k00rupye Lupin to buy. The goal would be Rs 1552.00 and Rs 1514.00 Place deal cutting the deficit level.HPCL between Rs 456.00 to 457.00 in October, it is advisable to buy the future. The goal of the deal at Rs 464.00, while the level of cutting the deficit has been reported Rs 452.20.
Keep in mind that this advice is for October futures business.
Explanation: In the interest of equity broking firm or its clients may be connected

CALL 7400734000

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